Can Sin stop the power of God?

If Yes, How was Jesus able to perform Healing and Deliverance to sinners? How come He was not Drained of His power by His associations with the Tax Collectors and Co?

How come God was still able to Talk With Adam in the garden After they Disobeyed?

How come the angels were able to Enter into Sodom and Gomorrah?

How come Samson could still Carry the gate of his enemies after he had left a prostitute’s house?

How come He revealed a way to Cornelius a sinner?

How come when a Sinner calls for Forgiveness He hears them?

How come you who were a sinner(dwelling in sin) is now saved?


The Truth is Sin does not stop God’s Power, it only affects your Godliness Consciousness, and if you toil with it to much you will end of being fully drawn to ungodileness, the bible calls it the ‘ snare of Sin’

Live in your Normal True State of godliness for ‘all ungodliness is Sin’ says the word of God.

Don’t be sin conscious be God conscious!!!


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