The right attitude!!!

The wisdom of God is foolishness to the undiscerning but is Greater than earthly wisdom!!!

If you are Anti anything react to it in an opposite way(let the weak say i am strong, let the poor say i am rich)

if you are anti-poverty be pro-wealth

if you are anti-darkness be pro-light

if you are anti-sin be pro-righteouness

if you want growth don’t preach we must grow or why we are not growing, speak growth, preach growth and it’s benefits

if you are anti-fornication be pro-chastity

if you are anti-religion be pro-sprituality

God wanted us saved, He did not preach sin , instead he preached salvation!!!!

speak, preach what you want and not what you don’t want!!!


2 thoughts on “The right attitude!!!

  1. I always desired to publish on my web site a little something like that. I usually don’t write-up comments in blogs but your blog site forced me to, tremendous effort.

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