Your heart is important!!!

To access the supernatural your heart is very important. Even if you speak in tongues, shake your whole body, shout on the top of your voice, walk around; it is just activity. Hannah connected with God in her heart, Hervoice was not even heard but She had an answer!
The woman with the issue of blood connected with Jesus in her heart first(she said to her self if I could only touch the helm of his garment I will be whole).
God says if you seek me with all your heart, not your mouth not even your mind, then you will finding me. He also says he searches for those whose HEARTS are perfect towards Him.

Don’t waste your time praying, making faith confession and studying the word if your heart is not in them, it is simply a waste of time. But with the heart first, man believes then with the mouth confession is made unto salvation(results).

Thoughts firsts then most importantly your Heart, then your mouth = results!!!

God is love, love Is in the heart so access to God is also in the heart.


3 thoughts on “Your heart is important!!!

    1. It begins with an earnest desire. You can sincerely reach out to Him in the way you best connect with any thing real. Even in your reachijgbout ,He will meet you half way. 

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