They new way!!!

As I have said before now we are not Israel( not even spritually). So of what applies to them does not directly apply to us.
In our own case when situations arise that need Divine assistance. We don’t pray ‘oh God arise and fight for me’ because: 1. He now lives in us
2. On the cross when He said ‘it is finished’ what He meant is that He has conquered all that needs to be conquered. And the scripture makes us know that He has given us this Victory and his Authority to overcome all things and powers in essence 3. Did you ever hear any of the apostles pray or think this way?
4. If we still need Him to fight or step in like the old days then His death on the Cross has no value. Let me stop here on the reasons.

So presently the way God intervenes in matters is this way. In John 11 we see that God and His word are One so. Let His word arise from your spirit, you know speak it out as His oracle and that word will not return to Him void but will bring about a positive change .Ps 68;1


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