The right mindset

Beloved for you to manifest God’s power and to live an ever victorious life, you mindset must be right. In Rom 12:2 we see that transformation does not come from prolonged prayers, fastings, religious activity but from the Renewing( unistalling all ideologies, theologies and belief, and installing God’s versions of all these) of the mind. So if you don’t have the Mentality of christ(mind of christ) you may still live a difficult and defeated life.

I will say again we are not isreal, many of their heroes where ok but or stand with God and our authority is Higher!!! Remeber Jesus even said that of all of them John the baptist was the greatest but in our Clan he is the least!!! This is because we are born of the spirit and have the very life of God in us.
So when every you read any story in the bible e.g Jesus , the disciples and sick or oppresed people never put your self in any other place than in the place of Jesus. E.g Jesus healing the sick, never put your self in the place of the sick that needs to be healed. For by His stripes you WERE(past tense) HEALED!!!… Let me stop here now.. Get your mind renewed always picture you self in the place of what God did( a problem solver) and not one expecting something from Him. For as HE is So are You. You are blessed in all you do today


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