We are not Zombies!!!

A christian is not a Zombie of God. Christians are co- labourer and co- participators with God. If all leadings by d Holyspirit have to be in line wit d word, then do what is allowed by word, but if you are given a special instruction by the Holyspirit, obey it. Stop waiting for a leading. There so many instructions Given to us already in the word. E.g the great commission. Paul didn’t wait for the Holyspirit to Give Him names of specific cities before he started his missionary journey, however while doing them, he received special instructions by the Holyspirit to certain cities and whas also stopped from going to some. If he was always waiting for a leading ♓☺w come he was stopped by the Spirit from going to Asia? Our God is an action God( a God of Now). Now is the Time to Do what you are supposed to, no wonder HE says ‘now is the time for salvation’ and Now faith is…. The time of waiting(tarrying until..) is over We have now the Holyspirit and the word now. Get active with your Divine call to reign , set free the captives and dominate!!! (Catergory mess)


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