Fellowship means communion of fellows and a Fellow means; a person belonging to the same rank or class; equal; peer. So if we have fellowship with God like Jesus we are of equal class with God. No wonder He says I am the Vine, you are the branches. As He is so are We, We are Co-labourers with God, partakers of His divine nature. That’s why after the fall when man was no more equal with God, Jesus had to set it right with Him being the ultimate sacrifice. The only thing we can’t handle like God is worship.
Why you might ask? Going back to I am the Vine and you are the branches. If all the nutrients meant for the whole tree is Given to a single branch, that branch will burst. Also if that branch even receives it normal dose of nutrients, if it does not bear other branches after some time it will also burst. Please stop thinking like an isrealite, renew your mind with the Truth of the New covenant and start Living as a Victor always and not a Victim for as God is so are We Hallelujah!!! (Category mess)


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