Under the Old covenant a certain person/people is(are) anointed and only him/them can do wondrous works and carry out certain tasks.

Under the New covenant We are all anointed for the anointing(holy Spirit) lives in all products of the Spirit(Born again men) and we all can do wondrous works. We all can heal, we all can cast out demons, we all can raise the dead, we all can perform miracles!!!
You don’t have to be a pastor, minister e.t.c, this what Jesus was telling Nicodemus in John 3.

Nicodemus said to Jesus no Man can do what He(Jesus) does expect God was with him(special anointing, special knowledge, or fasting, Mountain prayers..), Jesus said expect a Man is “Born Again”
He can’t see the kingdom of God. Meaning once you are born again that’s all then you can do all I do.

All you need is to believe and test this fact, if you don’t lay hands on any Sick person you will not Know the healing power is in you. Some of Us have started proving this and have had testimonies, last week alone I heard 3 testimonies( 2 healings and 1 Demon casting), am expecting to hear yours. You are blessed!! (Category mess)


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