Guard your heart with all diligence, be careful with the kind of music you allow to enter into your system for there are only two kinds, Gospel/inspirational and demonic(direct or indirect). Many of your So loved Celebrities that are not in CHRIST are DEMONIC!!!
Music takes you to another realm and the realm it takes you is dependent on it’s source of Inspiration.  Alot of souls have been destroy because of what they have allowed entry into their mind, wonder why people who listen to rock n roll, are always given to drug addiction? it because that is the realm the music takes them to and at that point they are also open to demonic spirits Operation, notice also that their lives are also very reckless and many die young.

Also it is a fact that Hip Hop/Gangsta rap promotes and instigates Vilonce in people. Zanga/dancehall/Club music and many illicit lyrics in many of our artistes songs also instigates Sex and rape.

Take Heed, you are blessed!!!


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