I feel led to share this!!! As I have always been saying that “the weapons that can hurt Us(sons of God) has not been made”( no weapon formed against us shall prosper in literal language), We are unstoppable like the Wind(john 3:6-7), We are Supernatural and the Real Super men, let me share with you a True Inspiring Event that proved this in an awesome way and Inspired Me the more.

About a week ago in Lagos Nigeria
Some where in badagry, a christian had died and was kept in the Mortuary for 3days and when his church members came to take his body He Came back to Life. Interestingly prayers was not made for Him but on his own accord He came back to life.
This proves that as even the greatest enemy death could not stop Jesus it also can not stop Us, if the same Spirit that raise Jesus from the dead dwells in us it will quicken our mortal bodies, and it means our Authority extends even to the grave WOW what an glorious ever Victorious life we have in Christ!!! D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ only things that can hold Us down are things we allow whether Knowingly( like Jesus on the Cross) or Unknowingly. Truly as He is so are We in this world!!! (Category mess)


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    Jesus lived a life without limits and defied every natural barrier, so also should we. We have His very nature, we are not the donkey carring him but we are just like Him. For as He is so are we in this world!

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