A christian the Real SUPERnatural man!!!

We are aliens and pilgrims from above in this world (Not from Kyprton thou..lol) 1peter 2:11, john 8;23.


The world Knows him as Clark Kent but his real name is Kal el( we are your name, surname Jesus).


He belongs to the family of El we belong to the family of Jesus(the highest class of family in the universe)


The saving power of the universe is in Him same as us( the power and nature of God is in us).


His friends that know him (Chloe) says his destiny is bigger than Small ville and that the world needs him , same as us The world needs our solution and message.


The world is waiting for his manifestation to save them same as us(Rom 8;19)


The more He listens to Jorel words he becomes better and discovers more of his unique powers, also as we behold the Word of God we do the same.


Any time he does not heed the instructions of His father Jorel he fails or performs below expectation same as us when we refuse to follow God’s(our father) instruction in his word

He is Indestructible same as we(Isaiah 54:17a msg)but no weapon that can hurt you has ever been forged!!!


as Kyptonite( parts of his former home) makes him weak so those Sin a by product of our oldman make us weak.


The sun makes Him more power so Those the Light(REvelation) from the word of God


From birth He had all the powers but discovers it daily so also We who have been Rebirth( Spirit birth) have all the powers of God but we discover more as we Put our Faith into action(2 peter 1:3)


Like him also we both have but a Human and SUPERhuman life(2peter 1:3)


We are both Carrying out together with Our fathers(His jorel, our’s God) a Mission of Salvation of the world.. the scripture says We are Co laborers with God.


He and We are not limited by Time or space, for Through our Prayers and decelerations we can reach out to anyone at any place and at anytime, for there is no Distance in the spirit.


We and Him also communion With Our Father not true Sight but By Faith and  His Words(Bible & Prayer)

What do you think?


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