The set church of the day(The religious Law abiding Leaders and followers) were the ones that Crucified Jesus. This means that to be Christ,what some people call christlike, but the bible says ye are Christs, you will be hated by the religious folks today!!!
Now am no more amazed at the so many religious beliefs and traditions in the church. This is because religious activity appeal to the emotions and gives all the responsibility to God, enslaves people and exalts their Leaders.
It also draws crowd of people who are not ready to be responsible for reconciliation of the world back to God and freedom of the lost. It encourages the We-We kind of situation and exploits weak ones among them.
Real christianity Is 100% Supernatural, not normal, reaches out, empowers, spreads and doesn’t accumulate. Jesus empowered people and sent them out almost immediately!!!
He only stuck to the twelve that were also dispersed to multiply christ after they received the holy Spirit.
His message was never condemning,not expounding sin but Revealing and establishing Righteousness not by works but by grace.
He never saw or entertained lack at anytime. Never wasted time talking or addressing the devil,Went out purposely to Heal and deliver people, He could relate with anyone and even eat with them and still perform miracles anywhere and anytime and not just during a service. I still have a lot to say but let me stop here for now.
Ponder on this are you living the real life of Christ? (Category mess)(tags food)


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