Past tense facts that Affect our present and future!!!

God’s promises and facts in his word are past tense facts that can affect our present situation and also determines our future!!!. For example He said in His word that ‘by the stripes of Jesus we were healed’ This past tense fact if known and believed will make anyone Live free of Sicknesses and disease, it will also make one Resist Sickness steadfastly.

Also He Said in His word that ‘as HE is so are We in this world’. This Fact if known and understood will make us challenge and overcome any present situation for it makes us see that as God is Unstoppable, Undefeatable e.t.c We also are that way. It will also make us have a very Good future because our Mindset will always be to Win always . There are lots of this Facts in His word that covers every situation. The devil knows this and has blinded the world from discovering this past tense facts in God’s word, He also makes children of God to busy to have time to mediate on these facts still it sinks an becomes a part of them.
It is more like a man who is living as a tenant and is being oppressed by a fellow tenant that claims to be the Care taker, not Knowing that, that supposed caretaker is the House boy of the owner and that the owner has even instructed him to serve the rest of the tenants and not to collect rent from them .The moment the man knows this, his present situation will change and his future also. So it is with the devil God’s past tense fact is that he has been defeated and put on our feet, and we are to lord it over him, but many are still ignorant of this!!!

If any believer is Living below the standard of a god, it is not God’s fault but their lack of Knowledge or understanding of His past tense that affect their present situation and their future. You are blessed!!!


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