You are the Reason Things are the Way they are for you

God is Love and because of this He has Given ahead of time all that we will ever need to live a Successful and Excellent life. From his own end all is finished and He has done all He needs to do.

Why then are you still struggling , Living a mediocre life, hardly making earns meet, suffering from sickness, been oppressed and defeated?

Some people even say If God is Love and loves us why are all these bad things happening, good people dying young,deaths,  crisis, tsunamis, bombings,wars e.t.c still happening in the world

The truth is we are the cause all all this happenings because;

1. We allowed them to happen(What ever you allow on earth , i will allow in heaven). God is bound by what we allow

2.Lack of knowledge, He says my people perish because of lack of knowledge, Knowledge about all He has done like Defeating of the devil, Eternal life in Jesus, Freedom and victorious living in Jesus, all things He has freely given to us, Knowledge on our Divine nature and how we operate, e.t.c

3, This one applies to christians, ‘like a loaded cheque (His promises and provison already given to us and written in His word) that it’s funds can not be receieved until the paying back says it is cleared’ so also are we the determining factor of when we recieve and enjoy His already provided provision!!!

This is the truth, the day you accept the healing that has been fully paid for, for you over 2011 years ago, thats when you will experience divine healing.

The day you decide to believe that all things that pertains to life and Godliness He has given to you, from that day on you will experience God’s already provided provision for Successful Living and Exploits.

The sooner you start believing God’s report about you, the sooner you will experience his provisions and goodness.

By the way it is because  only few Sons of God have just started manifesting that is why there is still, crisis in the world.

some years back He even said to me My children are waiting on me, when in reality am waiting on them and the world is waiting for their manifestation

Christians are responsible for the present state of our world, for God has put the world in our charge, we need to take taking full responsibility for this and stop blaming God!!!

How can a King with the highest level of authority be living in an area and chaos caused by inferior powers be happening?

Wake up and start your role of Serving the world(setting the captive free, and proffering solution), lording it over the devil and his co-hots and disciplining nations.

The Heaven is the lord’s and the earth He has given to are blessed!!!


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