Effective prayer

I just finished reading the story of Jesus raising Lazarus to life in John 11. I found out the following ; The compassion that Jesus had for Martha, mary and lazarus made Him want to help them, by raising their brother up. This means Compassion for sick or oppressed people is an important factor for miracles.

Before He called lazarus forth Jesus, Groaned in His spirit(Was connected and communicating to God through His spirit) was not scared or worried. This means as God is a Spirit we only connect to Him through our Spirits, not through our emotions or our minds.

He also thanked God and said He hears Him always, this means that He had a Healthy, constant communing relationship with God.

After this He called forth Lazarus from the grave. This Means the words “Lazarus come forth came from His spirit(Rhema) and not empty words from His mouth or head. We must have a healthy constant communing relationship with God and speak from our spirit if we must see the results of our proclamations.

God is Love, so God’s power flows only through love, also love makes your constantly commune, always want to help and can Help for God is Love. (Category message posts)


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