The Answer to the Question am i Spiritual?

As i tweeted some weeks ago “We are not human beings having a Spiritual experience, we are spirit beings that have a body and soul having a Human experience”

Let me explain why;

An american does not try to be american or need to do anything else before he can be involved in all of America’s activities, This is because He/She was born in american or is a citizen of America, so naturally they have full access to America and can live also for the rest of their lives  in America; However  a South African  does not have such access but may enter american only by visa and has only temporal stay in America.

If He/She must Stay there for the rest of their lives they must become a citizen.

In the same light a christian is naturally Spiritual(Supernatural), This is because such a one is Born of the Spirit, also He lives naturally in the spirit seated with Christ far above every other spirits. He/She does not need to do anything to get into this realm for that is where they dwell.

Fasting, prayers, tongue speaking, e.t.c does not take them to the spirit realm , they are just activity carried out in that realm!!!

This is the reason a christian must also be careful about what he/she says because what we say and do is spiritual and has spiritual backing whether good or bad.

We don’t need to be gloomy or look rugged or pale to become spiritual for we are naturally so. If i may add we also don’t need to look up or long for a spiritual feeling because it is a natural phenomenom to us but has your knowledge of this increases you become awaken in your spirit to activities in your realm(Spirit realm).

Now like the South African who needs a visa to enter into america but can’t live there permanently, there are also others who  illegally enter into this realm!

These visas include alcohol, demonism, drugs, witchcraft e.t.c but because they are not citizens they are subject to demonic oppression and suppression, because all spirits whether evil or of God belong to this realm.

But Christians belong to the Highest class of ‘The God of all spirits’ and have authority over all other spirit.

You are spiritual!!!


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