Joy A Supernatural Force!

The Joy of the loooord is my strength( 4x) singing, am sure many of us know this song, we even sing it alot but now lets look at what Joy is.

The dictionary definition of Joy is: To rejoice; to be glad; to delight; to exult

Gladness of heart, to delight, to exult hmm, but who  makes your heart Glad, in whom do you delight, and whom do you exult? The person is God, for He never changes and is always doing Great things to you whether you are aware of it or not.

But if good things, people or circumstances are the reasons for your joy then your joy will not be constant because all these change.

You may ask how can i joy in the lord? what will make you Rejoice is the knowledge of who He is, What He can do, What He has done and will do, and how much He cares for you.

Now lets look at the benefits of joy:

See, God is my salvation; I will have faith in the Lord, without fear: for the Lord Jah is my strength and song; and he has become my salvation. 3 So with joy will you get water out of the springs of salvation.

Isaiah 12:2-3 (BBE)

So with joy will you get water out of the springs of salvation, this means that it is Joy that is the agent that gives you access to experience the salvation of God in any situation.

Remember paul and silias in prison, in chains , in this situation  they should have been sad, sorrowful and dejected but instead they choose to be joyous , they sang, praised and Joy as the agent of salvation brought about their Deliverance.

Same thing with Daniel and the three Hebrew men, one of the major reasons Job remained in his disastrous state was because he had lost his joy, and at such he could not draw out of the well of salvation.

The devil knows this and thats why in conjuction with negative situations he tries to steal your joy. sadness, dejection, deppression cut you off from your source of Power and you can not experience God in this state, thats why God even made it a command that Rejoice(Have joy) Rejoice and again i say Rejoice!

The bible even says the joy of the lord is your strength , so if you are not joyous it means your are losing your Spiritual strength, you may say Oluwatobi you don’t understand my own sitution , if you do you will not tell me to rejoice, I trully may not know but i know the way out and it is for you to Rejoice, (the foolishness of God is wiser than men).

Practical if you have friends and one is always pitiful and sad and another is always Joyful which one will you love being around and which one will get most Good things from you? i Know it is the Joyous one.

Joy  also attracts favour to you for the state of your spirit conditions the happenings around you. In an interview the most Joyous applicant is more prune to get the job than others because the aura around such a one is wonderful and oozes out favour.

It is impossible for a sorrowful, dejected christian to experience, not to talk of perform miracles.

In early days it was a taboo to enter into the kings court with a long face, it could lead to the persons execution, if this appliess to earthly kings imagine the King of kings, no wonder he says enter my gates with thanksgiving and my courts with praise.

Lack of joy leads to barreness and sorrow.

The fields are wasted, the land has become dry; for the grain is wasted, the new wine is kept back, the oil is poor. 11 The farmers are shamed, the workers in the vine-gardens give cries of grief, for the wheat and the barley; for the produce of the fields has come to destruction. 12 The vine has become dry and the fig-tree is feeble; the pomegranate and the palm-tree and the apple-tree, even all the trees of the field, are dry: because joy has gone from the sons of men

Joel 1:10-12 (BBE)

Deadness, stagnancy, downward slide, dryness and every negative climax is a by product of lack of Joy.

Rejoice always and see your self always blossoming no mather what circumstances are saying, when circumstances are negative, let Joy through Osmosis come out of your spirit and change for the better your circumstances.

No matter what Choose to rejoice and experiences greatness always!

You are blessed



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