Spiritual Reputation!!!

Today we will be looking at a very Important but seldomly taught subject. ‘Spiritual Reputation’

Before we proceed i want to quickly state that ‘the Spirit realm is as real or even more real than the physical and has existed before the physical’ Infact everything we see and experience in the physical has a spiritual root. that’s why the bible says the attributes of  the invisible God can be seen by His creation.That is why Jesus always used Parables to describe and explain spiritual matters.

So Looking at ‘Reputation’it root is also spiritual and it’s meaning is:


  1. The beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.
  2. A widespread belief that someone or something has a particular habit or characteristic
Now that we know what reputation is, lets find out what i mean by Spiritual Reputation?
This can mean beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone in the Spirit realm, or a Known charateritics of a person in The spirit realm.
Like in the Physical, in the spirit realm there are levels of authority and the Highest Class is the Heavenly class where the God of all spirits Is the Highest Ranked, followed by Sons of God(Born of the spirit Christians), then angels. Then  satan, his cohorts and unredeemed man.
But  as Great as this Class or Levels of authority are , the Reputation built by individuals in this classes is key, as it determines their effectiveness, their respect and  speed/rate of exploits.
For example among Soliders there are Generals, Cornenels, captains e.t.c  Irrespective of this ranks the Soldiers feared by the enemies camp are soliders that have a history of  brutal fightings and many Victories and Die-hard Personalities.
Infact when the enemies hear that those soldiers are on the field it sends fear into them and the battles are often very quick as the enemies surrender easily.
The same happens when a christian with a reputation of not Giving up/giving in , that has Zero tolerance for Demonic activities, sickness and Negative circumstances enters into an area the Lesser classed spirits tremble, and when He/she issues a command they leave instantly and as their reputation builds up it get to the point that even before they speak or issue decrees the demons run out .
If you want to live a Life of  total dominion, over Circumstances, evil spirits, sickness e.t.c, start building a Good reputation from now!!!
See, I have given you power to put your feet on snakes and evil beasts, and over all the strength of him who is against you: and nothing will do you damageLuke 10:19 (BBE)

Exercise your divine authority regularly and build a Good Spiritual Reputation!

You are blessed!!!





3 thoughts on “Spiritual Reputation!!!

  1. emmanuel faith

    wow dis is rhema;;;;;;;;i think i gonna start maximisnin my power thru d word ona his name;may d lord blessu and strenghten u sir

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