Wonderful recent events and testimonies

Wonderful events and Recent testimonies

1. God is indeed awesome and we are indeed supernatural, last week Thursdays on 23/02/2012 a lady friend who i have not seen for about two years met with me, while we were talking she told me that her sister had been pregnant for two years and was yet to deliver,i did not pray for her i just said to her after she was about going that , as ‘for your sister she will deliver’ to the glory of God her sister put to bed and gave birth to a bouncing baby Boy 3 days later on Sunday 26/02/2012

2. On Friday that is two days ago on 02/03/2012 i had to travel and where i went i saw the poster of a programme tagged ‘Becoming Super supernatural’, and a minister of God who i know and respect so much was the one to minister, it was to be a vigil. i did not plan to stay over in that city but because of the programme i stayed, the word was excellent and when it Got to the time of demonstration of the super natural he called out those who were sick to come out, about 14 people came out, he than called someone in the congregation to pray and get them healed.

The lady that came out was not confident enough so he asked for a volunteer, i came out and prayed for them decreeing and enforcing their healing, i did not ask God to heal them as i have always stated and instantly 8 of them were healed, He ask me to pray again this time i took authority over the forces preventing the rest from getting healed and 3 others got healed, hands were then laid on the rest and they were all completely healed!!!

Your are supernatural prove it by testing your faith, even if it does not happen instantly pray and trust God again and never give up until you get your full expectation.

You are blessed


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