Word for this Season!!!


When God Gave Jesus as a Ransom for The salvation of the world, What He had in Mind was;

1. The Emergence of A New specie that had not Existed before Jesus

2. Reconcilation of the world to Him self

3. Enforcement of His will on earth

4.Domination over the devil and his cohorts

5. Rest from all His works on Earth(Jesus is refered to as the rest of God, and that’s what he meant by ‘it is Finished ‘on the cross)

6. Establishment of His Kingdom of earth.

All these He Knows that He will achieve with the New Specie He created and because of these he empowered them with all they will need to carry out the above agenda.

He Gave them the following;

1. His Spirit

2. His authority

3. His Very life(Zoe)

4. His Greatest and most powerful name(Jesus christ)

5.Victory over Sin

6. Grace in which He…

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