Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me. Joh 14:6 In the above scripture Jesus made a bold statement that no other person in History has ever made. not even Moses, elijah or the rest could say this, and no other man alive has been able to say this. He not only said this but has also proved it to be true. For only one who is life Himself can die and come back to life. I would have talked about how is the way and the life but my emphasis today is on‘ I am the Truth’ If He has proved He is the way and the life, it also means that He is really THE TRUTH! So what is He the truth about,

He even went as far as saying later that: All who came before me are thieves and outlaws: but the sheep did not give ear to them  in John 10;8.

This is because He alone is the truth about:

1.Who we really are(Sons of God, not servants or friends only). that’s why He alone remains our perfect example, no Israelite, not even the Disciples or the apostle will do.

2.How we should operate. We should always be in command of situation and other spirits, We should allow problems , or challenges take us to God, but we should attack them not from the perceptive of need but from the Mentality of God in us. He never asked God to do anything, He simply addressed situations

3, How we are to God and How God feels about us.

Let me stop here for now, because i have to dash off for a Vigil.


You are blessed!



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