A Child of God carries the Highest level of authority in the whole universe. and the whole universe, events, times, happeningss are a result of clashes between different levels of authority:

  • God versus satan,
  • Sons of God versus evil forces,
  • evil forces versus natural man,
  • satan versus children of God, 
  • Sons of God versus natural man in tag team with evil forces 
  • natural man versus Children of God e.t.c.

The results/ outcome of these clashes is dependent  majorly on degree of  power(Level of authority) 

meaning that those with the highest power/most power, win and the other(s) suffer loss.

A Christian belongs to the Highest Class of the Heaven of heavens  and is jointly seated there with Christ /God of all spirits.

So all things been equal when ever there is a contest involving a christian the opponent is suppose to lose!!!

Why then do many children of God suffer loss?

the answer is…

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