Word for the Year!

Happy New Year Beloved
Welcome to our Year of unprecedented acomplishment!
This year you will be able to acompolish far more than your expectation. Projects or buisness that have been stangant will blossom. In Places where you have been redundant, you will spring forth, however the major factor of all these is ‘great faith backed with wise actions’. As the children of Isreal went round Jericho 13 times(once for 6days & 7times on the 7th day) , shouted & the wall fell down, enabling them to go in from where they had been shut out from, this 13th year of the 3rd millieum will allow you enter into your inheritance, as you act in faith. As the woman also with the issue of blood was healed in the 13th year of carrying the disease(she had been ill 4 12yrs met Jesus in the 13yr ) areas where you have not been at ease will sieze as you step out in faith in Jesus name.You are blessed! (category message)


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