How to be successful

Matt 5:16 let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.

Many christians want to increase in influence, want their ministries to expand in thousands, others want to become globally recognised.
Truelly God has given us the ability to achieve all these, His word even says ‘we are a city set on a hill that can not be hidden’, that ‘we are a sortout city’ and so on. However many seem not to be experiencing this. Looking at the above scripture the formular to this is right there ‘LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE’ many might be thinking that the light here refers only to Godly character as we were taught in sunday school, but that is not true. As we will see from the next statement ‘that men may see your GOOD WORKS’ this refers also to the supernatural.
Jesus’ ministry is a practical example on how someone from a humble unrecognized state after 3years of intense supernatural feats became the most popular figure in His country and presently the most Influencial personality in the world today. Why is this you may ask? Imagine there is a house along the road, several people will pass by it and many may not even notice it, but if that house suddenly catches fire, it will attract a mammoth crowd of viewers.
Lesson: you don’t need to pray and do lenghty fasts(unless God instructs you specificly) to experience the above things. Just be on fire and people will come to watch you burn!
There is a king in you waiting to be crowned, a lion in you finding expressions and a star in you waiting to shine. Build up your spiritual man to the point that the normal things that are said about you are abnormal(wonders to the world) and see the world come to you, as they do don’t forget to lead them to Jesus!
In addition, do what you have to do to make your ministry/church a habitat of the miraclous and like the first church at pentecost see thousand added to you. You are blessed!
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