Someone very dear to me sometimes wonders how am always able to face challenges over and over again after facing several situations where my hopes were up only to be disappointed time and time again. Wait a minute! Oh am sorry did you always think that my life has been hunky-dory that I have not been disappointed?Hmmm, Newsflash!  The answer is No, just that I always get back up and see it as a stepping stone.

Let me tell you my secret! Are you ready?

Well the same year I had my encounter with Christ, while alone in my room I was mediating and went into my future, I saw I was very successful, in fact my house was extremely beautiful, I saw my beautiful wife and I found out I even had an helicopter and in that realm I asked myself what really makes me happy? And I found out that it was not just my beautiful wife as I thought , my kids or my luxurious life but it was whenever I had an opportunity to minister or impact people. So very early in  myChristian life I knew where my life was heading.

This Vision sealed my heart about the assurance of my Success, prophecies, revelations have also been boosters but the man rock is this vision.

This is one major reason why no matter what I experience I am not rattled, I may feel sad at times but am always quick to move on.

This also is one of the major anchors of Jesus and other great men in the bible.

Here is proof


Heb 12:2  Having our eyes fixed on Jesus, the guide and end of our faith, who went through the pains of the cross, not caring for the shame, because of the joy which was before him, and who has now taken his place at the right hand of God’s seat of power.(BBE version)

The future He saw made him endure the hardship of the cross.


So Peter was kept in prison: but the church made strong prayer to God for him.

  And when Herod was about to take him out, the same night Peter was sleeping in chains between two armed men, and the watchmen were keeping watch before the door of the prison.  Acts 12:5-6


How come someone who was in prison waiting to be killed the next day had the guts to sleep? If not that He knows something assuring. What did He know?


Truly I say to you, When you were young, you made yourself ready and went wherever you had a desire to go: but when you are old, you will put out your hands and another will make you ready, and you will be taken where you have no desire to go.

 Now this he said, pointing out the sort of death by which he would give God glory. And after saying this, he said to him, Come after me.  John 21:18-19


Jesus Had shown Him that it is when He is old that he will die and even hinted how he will die. And at the time he was in prison he was not yet old so it was not yet His time.


Remember Faith Has substance, though the evidence is not Physical, Vision is not physical either and it is this substance and assurance.

Visions makes us move on and wait for our glorious end, in fact God works from the end to the beginning, and not from the beginning to the end(Isa 46:10)

At any given moment the devil sees our past, we see our present and God sees our future

“I will expand on this if this post generates much buzz and comments” As I don’t want to cast pearls to swine.

Check this scripture out!

Hab2:1  I will take my position and be on watch, placing myself on my tower, looking out to see what he will say to me, and what answer he will give to my protest.

Hab2:2  And the Lord gave me an answer, and said, Put the vision in writing and make it clear on stones, so that the reader may go quickly.

Hab2:3  For the vision is still for the fixed time, and it is moving quickly to the end, and it will not be false: even if it is slow in coming, go on waiting for it; because it will certainly come, it will not be kept back.

When you are able to peep into God’s present which is your future through vision, like Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith you will be strengthened to overcome and endure every challenge and hardship and get to your Successful destiny.

I pray that God will enlighten your eyes to see a peep into your future so you will endure and prevail in Jesus name.

You are blessed!




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