Hatred is a killer even the world is fully aware. They make statements
like ‘Hatred is cancerous’ it is carrying of unnecessary luggage’ blah blah
In the Church people say stuff like, ‘Faith works through love so hatred
blocks you out of the Realm of faith and pushes you into the realm of fear’.
Also since you can not Receive anything from God without Faith,
hatred will prevent you from enjoying God’s blessings,Basically hatred
prevents you from a lot of things.
Hatred is hatred no matter who you have it towards.
Many Christians have carried this unnecessary luggage by Hating the devil.
This is very evident as all they do is binding, casting out, destroy!
Die, die, die!. Instead of Lord i bless you, Jesus i love you, Father i
bless you. E.t.c.
This has prevented them from enjoying God’s love and experiencing His
Blessing,(check out these kinds of people they are usually,broke and stagnant)
God said be not ‘unaware’ of not give full attention to the devil.
Don’t cheat yourself(2cor 2:11). there is enough depth in the Love of God,
You are blessed!angry man



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