Demystifying FAITH!

Faith is the vital spiritual material needed to activate divine power. However what many think is faith is not actually Faith. Lets look at this scripture
heb 11:1, Now faith is the substance of things HOPEd for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen(emphasis added).

What many call faith is actually hope. Faith is not believing to recieve,or waiting on God to do, rather it is Knowing that you already have and standing on the evidence in the word to demand a physical manifestation.

Faith is not hoping for something to happening but is (assurance/evidence) Knowing that something will happen.

When faith speaks it speaks from a point of assurance and instead of begging or asking God, it makes demands and thanks God for it even before manifestation and after thanking God does not worry about the issue.

Faith is a substance i.e it is a tangible force, you dont assume you have it, when you have it ,you know since the bible also refers to it as a shield, it is impossible for it to be in your hands without knowing.

In this Month of Divine Manifestation, build and solidfy your assurance and confidence in the word of God & discover all that God has already provided for you, you will overcome.

You are blessed!


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