Communication is arguably man’s greatest leverage over the other creatures of God: It is with the aid of superior communication that man has been able to achieve most of his great feats on the earth.

It will not be farfetched to state that man’s proximity to divinity is based largely on his ability to commune consciously with a divine force that exceeds his human understanding.

It is on the platform of this communication that some of the world’s greatest inventions are wrought because it takes communion with divinity to draw inspiration from superhuman muses to the realm of the ordinary.

Over time, this form of communication has evolved into a popular phenomenon in most religions(prayer) and like most trends before and after it, it has also suffered the brutal abuse of man’s ignorance and misinformation.


As one who had a personal relationship with God, he understood the value of the communication between humanity and divinity and throughout his stay on earth, he leveraged on the infallibility of this secret to cause wonders.

The problem is: prayer has been abused over the years and even after Jesus in his infinite wisdom and mercy proffered a final solution, he was blatantly ignored by a majority of humanity.


The place of prayer has been transformed from a temple of worship to God to a venue where request and orders are tossed at God.

The term communication can no longer be tagged in the prayer of an average Christian because communication involves the sending and receiving of information and in most prayers today, the sending is totally dominant but the receiving part is totally nonexistent.

Christians go into the place of prayer to holler at God, dump their request (a more fitting word will be ORDER) and leave before he has the chance to say hi.

Enough of that for now: let us take our minds and focus for a minute from this quagmire and consider how Jesus viewed prayer.

The following nuggets are a pointer to how Jesus approached prayer while he was on earth.

DO NOT PRAY TO BE SEEN: personally, I think this point is so obvious that it might literarily be hitting us in the face. Let me put it this way if prayer is simply the act of talking to God then how is it possible to have a chat with your maker and be involved with something else? Or better still, how can you be involved in a conversation with the one who is responsible for your breath and raise your voice rudely? Sometimes I feel that in our subconscious God is relegated to a tool for granting our interminable and selfish needs.

IF YOU ARE TALKING TO GOD, TALK TO GOD AND LEAVE MAN OUT OF THE PICTURE: this is pretty simple: if prayer is a communication with God, then it needs to be treated thus and on that note I think it is important to note that it is extremely rude to concentrate on another person while speaking with one. Why then do we claim to pray but still concentrate on the sea of humanity around us? Personally, I am more of an advocate for private prayer and I do not mean just prayer in solitude: what I’m saying is that when praying, you should cultivate an attitude of having a personal and very important conversation with someone extremely important to you.

AVOID VAIN REPITITION: by vain repetition here, I’m not just talking about the consistent repetition of few words or syllables even though I still do not subscribe to such mode of praying (God is not deaf please). What I really want to point out is the propensity of most of us to make prayer a lengthy session of discussing about our personal needs. Let me put it this way: if you have a friend who is only interested in talking about his or herself during conversations, would you want to spend quality time with such person? (really think about it)

MAINTAIN A RESPECTFUL DISPOSITION: Yes God is spirit and we must relate with him in that frequency. I know this but there is something about a physical disposition of respect that mentally communicates reverence. This is why an ardent and well cultured man or woman from the western part of Nigeria genuflects subconsciously when they are having a conversation with someone older than them (even on the phone). When we assume a sober demeanour and a respectful disposition, it translates to our subconscious that what is being done at that moment is of utmost importance.

PREPARE: remember this: “you do not appear to meet God, you prepare to meet God. Let us take a quick detour back to the days of old when kings were treated with a level of reverence that bordered on worship. You do not just waltz into the court of a king without preparing what you want to say (that’s if your life is still important to you). If such reverence can be accrued to man whose days are numbered and whose wisdom is fallible, how much can be too much for God who created man? It is extremely dangerous and incredibly disrespectful to go into the place of prayer unprepared. (God is not your gist buddy). Give your prayers careful thought and if possible put them in writing. Now I know God is omniscient and he knows all things but the act of giving him reverence by preparing before stepping into his court will give you unlimited access to his attention because if there is one thing I know about God, it is the fact that he always wants his deserved glory. (and why shouldn’t he, he has earned it over and over again)

In my next post, I will be teaching on how Jesus prayed and how you can replicate his style today.



Ever since history could be recorded and man could archive great tales of men who made impact in their generation, no man in a lifetime has come close to the amazing results that one man achieved in just thirty three years.

It is important to also note that this man spent only three out of this thirty three years in active service to mankind.

Yet in just three years this man managed to achieve what the Gandis, Mandelas, Kings, Buddhas and Confucius could not achieve in their lifetime and even collectively.

So who is this man and what was his secret.

His name as you must have guessed is Jesus and his secrets are what we will be discussing in this series..

Let me start with an emphatic statement: in the factory of life, if anyone goes through the same process, acquires the same knowledge and engage in the same system of discipline, he or she will have the same result as another person who has gone through same system.

It is important that this thought pattern is established because it will be impossible for me to communicate further with you if you are still caught in the distorted notion that Jesus achieved so much because he is God.

That is pure fallacy!

Jesus achieved so much because he followed some vital universal principle that has somehow managed to elude the generations before and after him.
Some of the principles behind the amazing success of Jesus are:

1. HIS PERCEPTION OF PROBLEM: while the average man views problem from a personal perspective and subconsciously puts God as the designated solver of problems, Jesus had a different approach. He approached problems from the perspective of God.

He knew that he was God on earth and all through his stay on earth his philosophy was: what are the problems in this world that needs a God?

How would God solve this problem?

Because of this trail of thought, he never consumed himself with personal needs and challenges like most people do.

He was always sensitive to what God was saying at any particular time and how it can be replicated on earth.

Perhaps more important is the fact that Jesus never saw problems as inconveniences that should be channeled to heaven, he saw problems as fresh opportunities to enact his role as God on earth by solving them.

This is a sharp contrast to the norm that is modern day Christianity where problems are channeled to our preconceived headquarters of solution (HEAVEN) and man is reduced to a beckoning machine.

This mindset is one of the reasons why Christians are ineffective on earth: until we come to the realization that we are actually gods and not just servants of God, we will never be of influence on earth.

Let us consider a scenario where Jesus displayed this trait to the plenary.

Once during his ministry on earth, Jesus came across a blind man. Now here’s a problem!

What did he do?

Unlike most Christians of today, he didn’t pray to God for the restoration of the man’s sight.

Now this is me thinking out loud (feel free not to quote me): Jesus must have asked himself

“What will God (the creator) do if faced with a creature with a faulty part? “

The only rational answer must have been: ‘he will replace the faulty part’ because that rationalises his next move.

Using the same tool that God used in creation (earth), Jesus replaced the faulty part of that blind man.

It’s amazing the outstanding results you can get with understanding.

Please note this: the ability to discern God’s motive and replicate them on earth doesn’t just come through wishful thinking. There are in my opinion, three important factors that will guarantee a believer access to that lifestyle



And finally a CAPABLE BODY

You can develop your spirit through constant communication with God (prayer and studying of the Bible)

You can develop your mind by getting knowledge in relevant areas of life

And you can develop your body by watching your food intake and engaging in exercise.

These three factors combine to make you a receptive entity to the will of God for the season and they aid in your ability to replicate that will on earth.

In my next post, I will unravel another of Jesus’ amazing secrets.

Till then remember: you are a problem solver and not a prayer machine.

You cause signs and wonders to occur, you do not go look for them.

And most importantly, you are a god.