The Revealer of the Future

The HolySpirit is God’s search bar through which we searh His word to find answers and Behold a wonderful future and He also shows us the successful way to get there.
INSTALL HIM in your heart and use Him always!
You are blessed
You are blessed!



The biggest of creatures are found not in normal areas but in the deepest parts of a massive forest or ocean or very temperate regions. This is because this regions provides them enough solitude for their expansion. So also great men brood effectively in Solutide. As the time of isolation is a time of Revelation. Shut out the noise and connect God. You are blessed!

A Prayer for you on my Birthday!

As i have become a year older and entered into another awesome phase of my life today, i Pray for you that you will discover your Divine purpose as early as possible, you will live purposefully for the rest of your days, you will increase in practical wisdom and understanding, your Influence will increase and spread Internationally,

You will live in a continuous abode of abundance, Kings will be your Nursing fathers and Queen your Nursing mothers , at the mention of your name they and Nations will arise, You will become mighty in the land and reknown, you will also live in Good heath and be a Solution and a Blessing to your Generation, you will become an answer to the prayers of many, nations will find comfort in you  in Jesus name. I love you a Great deal, accept this token especially for those who will not be able to eat my cake and rice *smiles* you are blessed!!!